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Sacred Traditions

Throughout history, humans have learned how to heal themselves — mind, body and spirit. Plants were our first medicine, and we lived in ways that were filled with ceremonies that kept our connection to the land and to one another vibrant. I believe that today’s fast-paced life and global awareness has detrimentally impacted our social well-being, as many of us have lost this knowledge and connection to our land, ourselves and others.


Present traumas, old wounds, and ancestral upset often manifest in our bodies. My personal and professional journeys have provided a path to additional healing modalities, and through years of shamanic study and apprenticeships with elders I have learned the old ways of healing. 


I am graced with the opportunity to be the bridge between the human family and the spirit world and am practiced at bringing ceremony, dream work, soul retrieval and prayer into our modern world. As a shamanic healer, my goal is to provide a safe environment in which deep healing can occur and I am honored to walk that path of healing with you.

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