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Physical Healing

I am fascinated by the current research on fascia, and I know that this subtle work has a profound effect on the body. I enjoy being able to provide quality massage to everyone that walks through the door — whether weekend warriors, people overwhelmed by their situations or individuals with permanent conditions such as spinal fusion. 


I offer two types of massage therapy — injury treatment and relaxation. Injury treatment sessions are typically an hour and relaxation sessions are offered in multiple durations.

Injury Treatment Massage

This massage offering is treatment-oriented and prescription-based with specific goals and a treatment schedule. Injury treatment massage typically falls under Personal Injury Protection or standard health insurance and requires a prescription to begin treatment. Direct billing is provided for covered PIP, L&I and most private health insurance, and super bills are available for client submission to out-of-network private health insurance companies.

Relaxation Massage

This type of massage is an important part of achieving and maintaining optimum health. From a simple, single treatment to a robust therapy regime, relaxation massage covers a wide variety of issues such as counteracting stress, solving sports injury or providing relief from chronic conditions. This therapy mitigates muscular tension, improves circulation, extends range of movement and is not covered by insurance.

Relaxation Massage Sessions & Rates

60 Minute Massage $115

90 Minute Massage $160

Injury Treatment Massage
Relaxation Massage
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